Shankardass House Nkrumah Ln 3rd Floor, New Wing Room 311/A Nairobi


Talk to Someone, Prevent Suicide!

By the grace of God, Meshack Samson Foundation is officially and legally launched to operate within Kenya and serve Kenyans from 47 counties without discrimination or favours on issues relating to mental health, depression and suicide.

Here are the goals for the first 15 months:

  1. Sponsor 150 couples for comprehensive and intensive marriage counseling to end issues of domestic violence and divorce
  2. Sponsor 250 individuals who have been medically proven to be under depression for intensive counseling and medication
  3. Sponsor 35 families for intensive “loss and grief” counseling who have had their relatives dead through suicide
  4. Sponsor 30 families for intensive “loss and grief” counseling who have had their relatives dead through murder
  5. Sponsor 20 victims of rape and defilement for intensive counseling and medication
  6. Sponsor 6 students for counseling diploma from start to graduation
  7. Set up a free counseling centre where counselors and victims can meet and talk in open forums and in private
  8. Give attachments to counseling students by giving them a chance to interact with other counselors and victims as part of their training
  9. Sponsor 10 bipolar patients for medication and regular check ups
  10. Sponsor investment talks for youths to reduce depression brought by unemployment and financial strains
  11. Form and sponsor support groups in at least 10 counties for people with depression which will be headed by counselors and survivors
  12. Sponsor mental health talks to colleges, universities and high schools, churches and corporate institutions
  13. Establish understandings with counselors on their engagement to offer counseling on behalf of the foundation.
  14. Establish engagements with county governments on establishment of mental health departments in public hospitals
  15. Sponsor youth forums and seminars on sexuality, early pregnancies, drug and substance abuse
  16. Organize dinners and seminars on domestic violence and infidelity in marriages
  17. Collect all the contacts and location details of all the psychiatrists in the country
  18. Organize public forums and music concerts that will bring people together and have a discussion on mental health and depression
  19. Sponsor sports events in county levels to bring youths together and have discussions on mental health