Shankardass House Nkrumah Ln 3rd Floor, New Wing Room 311/A Nairobi

About Us

Talk to Someone, Prevent Suicide!

Meshack Samson MainaFounder/Chairman


To be the vessel of hope and restoration of dignity and self esteem to all those who are struggling with depression in a bid to bring suicide to a close


~ To offer counseling services by linking the victims of depression and suicidal individuals with the psychological counselors and help them to recover by supporting them with resources and emotional support which will see them through mental recovery and self acceptance.

~ To become an institution that people suffering from depression can trust and share their problems with conviction that they will get help by the end of it.


  • To stop people from committing suicide by making efforts to trace them and engage their relatives and friends in ensuring that no life is lost
  • To link depressed people with counselors and mental facilities where they can be evaluated and treated through the available rehabilitation mechanisms based on their issue at hand.
  • To sponsor health talks on depression in churches, school, and colleges and on media platforms to raise awareness about causes, signs, effects and means of treating stress and depression.
  • To work with law enforcement agencies in ensuring people who are depressed due to human inflicted pains like domestic violence are rescued before they either commit suicide or get killed by their aggressor.
  • To sponsor people for counseling and to assist them in accessing healthcare for those who are depressed by genetic factors and medical conditions like HIV/AIDS, cancer, bipolar disorder, post-pregnancy hormonal disorder etc.
  • To ignite a discussion regarding mental health and ways in which one can identify a victim as well as how to approach suicidal people with safety precautions and save their life.
  • Sponsor rehabilitation of individuals who are struggling with behaviors that ignite depression like drug and substance abuse.
  • To offer emotional help to families of suicide victims and help them heal from their grief as well as eliminate the element of guilt and hopelessness in those who are rescued from suicide.
  • To gather resources and gather partners to support children who are left behind after parents/ guardian commit suicide.

Core values

  1. Quality- the foundation will endeavor to offer quality services to the satisfaction of the client/member and the society.
  2. Teamwork- the foundation will promote optimum performance and teamwork in order to achieve our vision and objectives.
  3. Transparency- the foundation shall uphold a culture of ethics, transparency and genuineness.
  4. Integrity- the foundation shall promote, uphold, and sustain social responsibilities in all services.
  5. Accountability- the foundation shall conduct all its affairs in a manner that social responsibility and accountability.

Foundation long-term Goals

  • Provide confidential, high quality, accessible and timely support to all those who are depressed and those feeling suicidal.
  • Provide an environment that treats people with respect and dignity regardless of what challenges they are going through.
  • Provide excellent reception to everybody who approaches us for help regardless of how they approach their problem.
  • Provide a working environment where counselors are engaged and committed to their work when they are handling victims of suicide and depression.
  • Provide for continual education, advocacy, and collaboration with other partners in a bid to raise awareness regarding mental health.
  • Provide services that are efficient, accountable, and honest to everybody ho approaches us looking for help.